Merchants and Services

Weapons & Apparel

Name Location Owner Prices Description
Adroit’s Weapon Store Blacklake District Ambricus Ironmade High Specialized and exotic weaponry and armor
Horgath’s Anvil Protector’s Enclave Horgath Moderate Dwarf-forged weapons and armor
Mintarn Surplus Protector’s Enclave Quartermaster Bree Moderate Surplus Mintarn equipment at a premium
For Every Occasion Protector’s Enclave Jahlia Burrens High Fine clothes and robes

Taverns & Inns

Name Location Owner Prices Description
The Beached Leviathan Docks District Harrag Moderate Run-aground vessel re-purposed as a tavern
The Driftwood Tavern Docks District Madame Rosene High Old and respected inn favored by locals
The Fallen Tower River District Vagdru One-Ear Low Orcish neutral ground and tavern
House of a Thousand Faces Blacklake District Theryis Moderate Renovated inn popular gathering place for locals
The Moonstone Mask Protector’s Enclave Liset Cheldar Moderate Floating inn and the most popular inn in town

Magical Items

Name Location Owner Prices Description
Beric’s Curios Blacklake District Beric the Blue High Eccentric artificer’s commissions and curios
Sand’s Potion Store Protector’s Enclave Sand Moderate Potions and arcane reagents
The Alchemist’s Pestle Docks District Tathiela d’Rulin Moderate Alchemical formulas and mixtures


Name Location Owner Prices Description
Beauty and Truth Protector’s Enclave Seamus Borune Moderate Fine arts emporium and antiquarian
Faella’s Fabulous Foodstuffs Protector’s Enclave Faella Moderate Food, catering and ingredients
Tarmalune Trade House Docks District Tarmalune Trading Company Moderate Everything and anything for a price
The Beast Within Protector’s Enclave Tandos Ravenfoot Moderate Mundane animals and exotic rearing
Geisel’s Open Clinic Blacklake District Doctor Geisel Low Magic-free open clinic for all injured

Merchants and Services

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