Docks District

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Much of Neverwinter’s original wealth and influence came from its position as one of the few deep ports on the Sword Coast. The Neverwinter docks were the commercial heart of the city, though in some ways that heart was infected with darkness and corruption.

The Spellplague went some way toward purging that corruption- chunks of land broke away and rose into the sky, forming earthmotes that hovered overhead. The surviving residents of the city adapted, connecting the low-floating motes to the shore with ropes, chains, and bridges. However, the cataclysm later destroyed the foundations of these bridges, and the changed currents swamped whole areas of the port with tidal waves. Neverwinter’s already diminished trade dried up entirely, leaving the docks a rotting ghost town. Only a few fishers and the occasional pirate ship made port here.

Lord Neverember made rebuilding this center of trade a top priority. As part of his first initiatives, he sent engineers and loggers to the Upland Rise, a forested hill outside the city that once served as a park for the city’s residents. The crews stripped the hill of all salvageable timber, leaving the Upland Rise a sparse echo of its former beauty, and used it to rebuild the docks.

For all his flaws as a political leader, Neverember is a brilliant merchant prince, and his efforts have restored rrade to the city. Today, supplies and coin flow into Neverwinter through the docks, along with repatriated refugees. The Lord Protector takes a keen interest in anyone entering the city in this manner, and charges steep tariffs on deals consummated at the docks.

Docks District

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