New Neverwinter neverwinter_nights___logo_by_winerfresh.png
By far and large the most influential (at least openly) faction within the rebuilt city, New Neverwinter is what the locals call the current government of the city, led by the merchant prince Dagult Neverember, the self-proclaimed Lord Protector of the city. With his bureaucracy and underlings and General Sabine’s mercenaries, New Neverwinter has established itself as the rightful government of the city, though not as a king. New Neverwinter aims to rebuild the city and usher it into a new golden age of trade and prosperity.

Mintarn_Mercenaries.pngMintarn Mercenaries
The Mintarn Mercenaries are Neverember’s private army and the primary law enforcers of Neverwinter. A harsh company of veteran soldiers led by General Sabine, they patrol the streets and deal out their own brand of justice in the city, authorized by the Lord Protector, with whom they have a steadfast and mutually beneficial contract: security for gold.

Famous (or infamous) keepers of balance and freedom in the world, the Harpers also have a presence in Neverwinter. However, after a betrayal from within, the Harpers have retreated into the shadows to conduct their business in secret. Little is known about the goals or methods of the Harpers in the city, as well as who belongs to the order or not.

deadrats.pngDead Rats
Despite the rebuilding efforts, Neverwinter is still very much a ruined city in parts, and ruins always bring out the rats, in this case literally. The Dead Rats are an infamous wererat gang from Luskan, and the leader of the Dead Rats is the as infamous Rsolk. Striking anywhere and everywhere with little notice, there are very few confirmed details about the whereabouts or operations that the Dead Rats are conducting in Neverwinter.

Neverwinter_symbol.png Sons of Alagondar
Not everyone is happy with the current rule over Neverwinter. Various groups of dissidents exist within the city, but none of them have reached the size nor notoriety of the Sons of Alagondar. after the city’s last ruling line, they claim loyalty to Neverwinter herself, not having abandoned her even during the cataclysm that shook the city. Waging a desperate insurgency against a far superior force, they engage New Neverwinter in both words and deeds, inciting the public opinion against the Lord Protector while attempting to disrupt Neverember’s organization violently.

Dark Shadows are found in every crevice of the world, and nowhere is that as true as in Neverwinter. Rumors tell of a cult dedicated to Asmodeus taking root within the city, corrupting people into his cause. If those rumors are to be believed, anyone could be part of the cult, from any walks of life, and nobody really knows who is a loyal friend or a devil-worshiping enemy. These Ashmadai work independently from one another, often not even knowing who exactly it is they are working for or with, with only the brand of Asmodeus identifying them.

bregandaerthe.png Bregan d’Aerthe
The goddess Lolth keeps drow society in a stranglehold, the fingers of which are her high priestesses. Males have little purpose aside from warfare and breeding. As such, it is truly remarkable that a male-dominated mercenary organization such as Bregan D’aerthe could withstand the test of time – and not surprising that its interests extend beyond the matriarchal Menzoberranzan. Ever since the Lord Protector moved into the city, Bregan D’aerthe spies have been set loose in the city once more, but no one can say how many of them operate in Neverwinter, nor why.

Helm_symbol.jpg Helm’s Hold
Named after the deceased deity, Helm’s Hold is a large monastery town around twenty miles south-east of Neverwinter. While it has never been officially self-governed, the town remains autonomous and independent of Neverwinter’s own ambitions. Currently, the town and its government, led by a seer known only as the Prophet and the town’s secular leaders, provides refuge and treatment for those suffering from the Spellplague.

Iliyanbruen_Fey.png Iliyanbruen Fey
When the Spellplague shook Toril, the Feywild fell once more into alignment with the mortal realm. Over time, many denizens of that untamed world crept, dashed, or strode across the newly weakened barriers. Some eladrin from the Feywild kingdom of Iliyanbruen – who had fled when Illefarn fell into ruin long ago – decided to return to their ancestral roots within the Neverwinter Wood. After securing a military outpost at the portal site, they have set their sights on furthering their expedition and restoring that which time, nature and mortal invaders have ravaged.

Uthgardt Barbarian tribes
Out in the wilderness surrounding Neverwinter the Uthgardt tribes have occupied and thrived since time immemorial, following seasonal migrations and hunts, sharing (or squabbling over) territories and resources with one another, advantages shifting from one tribe to the other. Recently, however, one tribe has begun to gain seemingly permanent ground over the others. The Gray Wolf tribe has swept through the other tribes, displacing and subjugating them as they please, even going as far as turning their aggression towards civilization.

Far away from Thay’s natural borders, the magocracy of Thay extends its skeletal fingers even to Neverwinter. Peasants and nobles, would-be tyrants and rebels alike stand side by side when the shambling undead creatures emerge from the dark forests of the North. Nobody is safe as long as Thay is watching, its operatives working both in and out of the city. What are Thay’s ambitions in Neverwinter, and how will the city react to the possibility of a large scale undead army should they know?

Shar.png Netheril
Returned from their imprisonment in the Shadowfell, the darkness-touched Shadovar have cast their eyes across the continent and sworn to clutch the whole of it within their fists. Within Neverwinter, one of the Twelve Princes of Shade, Clariburnus Tanthul, leads the Netherese effort in establishing Shadovar dominance over the North. Success would alter the region’s face forever, plunging Neverwinter into shadow forever.

symbol_of_cyth_v_sug_by_theeldritchmrshiny-d5ubjo4.jpg Abolethic Sovereignty
When the primordial Maegera erupted from its prison twenty-six years ago, the resulting volcanic destruction tore a deep chasm in the earth that sliced through a quarter of Neverwinter. The rift, deeper than anyone expected, seems to reach down into the Underdark. Deep within the Chasm, evil forces are at work in secret, undermining the city through subterfuge, for purposes alien to all but the masters of the Chasm.


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